i have exactly one (1) tattoo and it says “your very flesh shall be a great poem” and it is from the intro to leaves of grass

(i have not actually read the entirety of leaves of grass, for shame)

(my feelings on walt whitman are mostly: sometimes he says beautiful things, sometimes he says the most masc4masc grindr bullshit)

people, as they do, ask what one’s tattoo says

i feel like it is very very obvious what these words are saying

they are saying:

let’s think about the body as text

let’s think about what it means to be in a state of constant becoming, what it means to be an eternal “shall be”

let’s think about transforming ourselves in ways that we find beautiful and meaningful and poetic and in ways that are unclear and opaque and earnest and not earnest

let’s live our bodies fluidly and kindly

one time an (older, gay man) coworker asked me what my tattoo said and i told him and he was like “that’s kinky” and it was Very Very Very Uncomfortable

last week i went to a professor’s office hours and he asked me what my tattoo said and i told him and he was like “well i’m sure that means something deep” and i stared at him blankly

one time i went to a talk by jasbir puar and they had free wine and i got very tipsy because social anxiety and then someone asked me what my tattoo said and i tried valiantly to EXPLAIN (“the body as text! constant becoming!”) and they stared at me blankly and then someone else introduced me to jasbir puar using the wrong pronouns and as someone who was “also queer and south asian” as though that was why i was there

i just need to know that i can be beautiful or if not beautiful malleable or if not malleable impermanent and transient and ephemeral and poetry

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to U.R.

a post-love letter to my ex, whose initials are U.R.

u. r. exactly what u warned me u’d b.
of course, I didn’t believe u,
@ the time.

y, then, did I believe u
when u made so many promises
u couldn’t


1) all contrasting neons all the time
2) paisley>floral>damask>lace>polka dots>plaid>argyle>stripes>solids
3) glitter trumps all
4) if it doesn’t remind you of lisa frank, you’re doing it wrong
5) no such thing as excessive animal prints

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To the femmes, the sissies, the fags, the gurls know that your beauty cannot be translated into gender. Never forget that the reason they hate you is because they have built a cage around their heart and called it a six pack. Never forget that your ancestors were once regarded as holy not only because of the composition of your body, but because of the way you gave healing to your communities. So see your femme as a collective process of empowerment not a hedonistic guise of neoliberalism. Despite your glory do not forget that you are not a queen. This sacred position is reserved for your mother and all the womyn who have paved the way for you. Never forget that your femme may be more palatable than others’ because of you have the privilege to have been assigned male as birth.
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Lily Myers, “Shrinking Women”


in the end

i want my heart

to be covered

in stretch marks

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entonces… ardamos!